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Noun. Slang. Refers to the dreaded C-bomb...Chlamydia. The fishy discharge from the cock and/or cunthole and the spelling of the word chlamydia combine to make the Ivar's Special.
"Man that fucking cunt gave me the Ivar's Special. Dirty slut."
by Rob January 13, 2005
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ivar is the 4th wife of a noble prince named babli, submissive yet halal
did u see ivars wedding ring! the diamond was bigger than babli
by xenos little sister July 31, 2022
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Guy 1: Hi whats your name?
Ivar: Jeg heter ivar
by Ivar Hater April 18, 2022
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The best physics teacher in the world. He’s here to kick physics and teach ass. Fashionable, helpful and cool. Plays DnD like a boss. Wont tell us what game he and his friends played.
Name like a norse god.
That guy looks like he'd make a great Jörgen Ivar Silk.
Jörgen Ivar Sikk - a cool physics teacher
by Paul muad’dib November 23, 2021
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The sexiest Norwegian male you will ever see. be prepared when you see him, he may kill you With his blue beautiful eyes. hes good at singing, dancing and building. like bob the Builder
"who built this? it must either be Knut Ivar or Bob the Builder"
by WeeWewehjj February 16, 2017
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