The name of PewDiePie's (or Felix Kjellberg's) pet horse in Minecraft, who has the tendency to disappear at random moments in time.
"Jörgen? Jörgen? Goddamnit, Jörgen, where the hell are you?"
"Jörgen, thank God I found you! I was so scared! I'll never leave you again!"
"Jörgen, stay here."
by softiesamuell June 27, 2019
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Pewdiepie's horse in minecraft. Best known for getting lost
Pewdiepie: Jörgen? Jörgen? Where are you? Jörgen?
by Random homo sapien June 28, 2019
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A horse that disappears when you aren't looking.
My horse always gets lost like a Jörgen.

Where is my horse? I think he is a Jörgen.
by Gamingweeek June 29, 2019
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The name of PewDiePie’s deceased horse in Minecraft.

You will always be remembered, though you aren't able to respawn. RIP.
Get back here, Jörgen!”
by xXSicksiXx June 29, 2019
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When something disappears so quickly, even if you just looked away for 5 minutes or so.
The girl I was with jörgened me.
by ner.ydna June 29, 2019
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pewdiepie’s minecraft horse. he got lost alot

2019-2019 F
Jörgen?! Where are you
by jörgenwemissyou June 30, 2019
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