When a niece or nephew begins to experience physical distress due to separation from his/her favorite uncle. This can manifest in the form of nightmares or oftentimes, severe crying. Only the reuniting of said uncle and niece/nephew will cure this disease.
Oh no! Maya and Odelia are developing a bad case of uncle-itis. Better get Rami back home soon.
by crembo February 1, 2023
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The desease that you catch when you get so baked that anything that is written out(letters,numbers,words) appear written backwards.
Keegs- Dude I was driving home on the highway last night after that mango kush. I could've swore I was going 06 miles per hour! I had a serious case of Backwards-Itis Brah!

Thurgood- Ah, you crazy man, you crazy!
by keegs21 April 20, 2010
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Scare-ity – Same meaning as fear. Being scared of something, to have a phobia.
Example1: Spiders are one of my scare-ities.

Example2: Scare-ity is a word made up by a drunk man named Larry that can’t think of the word fear or phobia.
by Latina_Lorie August 20, 2009
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an undiscovered std that a man named mino had created
i feel sick

“did u sleep w someone from mpu


“then that means you have the mino itis”
by juicybaby333 January 28, 2023
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The impending doom of complacency that one feels upon entering Akron, Ohio. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: immediately feeling like you are morbidly obese and have mobility issues, eating almost nothing but all-American food (e.g., pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers), thinking that Highland Square is the best or worst neighborhood ever, taking your minor league baseball team way too seriously, reveling the Goodyear/Firestone "glory days," and acting like one of the many sad and unfortunate people who use the public transportation system.
After spending just a few days in Akron, you too will develop the the telltale symptoms of Akron-itis.
by EatMySheet September 20, 2023
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When you know that you are that nigga and no one can prove you different. It’s very contagious and should only be spreaded to thoose who really deserve it. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.
Sorry i can’t share my drink i got real-nigga-itis.”
by lil baby p April 8, 2019
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