Scratchy is a cat that has been teamed up with a psychotic mouse named Itchy. Itchy usually has quiet interesting ways of disposing of Scratchy. The exploits of this cat and mouse team are featured on The Simpsons.
Scratchy has been cut up by various implements, burned alive, had his internal organs ripped out of him on several occasions, had his eyes knocked out with a hammer, and so on.
Scratchy has only been able to defeat Itchy once.
by jesster79 March 3, 2004
What your hoping your pussy wont be after you find out that you did the In and Out with a 437737 guy.
Holy shit girl...I had sex with that guy from the internet and now my damn pussy's all Itchy and Scratchy.
Shit woman...go see a Dr. Pronto!
by Andi March 3, 2005
A fun name for a man’s ballsack
“You kicked me right in Itchy and Scratchy!”
by Just a kid with a dream March 26, 2020
A cartoon within a cartoon - a short 30 second segment appearing on the Simpsons about a mouse (itchy) who kills a cat (scratchy) and in one episode Poochie (who was killed off and never allowed to return again under legal obligations) in the most violent ways possible. Itchy and scratchy are pretty much simpsons charecters in there own right but should also get ther eown show as a simpsons spin-off. Scratchy has been killed in hundreds of ways - Bazooka, Firecrackers, The Moon landing on him, a bride full of explosives, falling off the seattle needle etc etc...

Itchy is voiced by Dan Castallanetta (homer, mayor quimby...) and Scratchy Harry Shearer (Mr Burns, Smithers Dr. Hibbert Flanders, Wolfcastle etc...)
They fight
They bite
They fight, They bite, They fight
Fight Fight Fight
Bite Bite Bite
The Itchy and Scratchy show....Boom
by Brother Number One June 6, 2005
Generic term for sexually transmitted diseases.
That dude has slept with so many women, I'm sure he's got the itchies and scratchies. he's a walking STD.
by Jetters August 29, 2007
The Awesome Cartoon In The Simpsons
Itchy The Mouse Always Kills Scratchy The Cat In A Tom & Jerry Parody
YEAH! The Itchy and Scratchy Show Is On!
by Seagulls Of Satan August 5, 2008
When using narcotic pain killers prescribed by a doctor, such as Morphine or Oxycodone. One unpleaseant side effect (Some people enjoy it too) is "The Itchy-Scratchys". This is when you feel itchy all over your body and face and sometimes it feels "So Good" or "Heavenly" to scratch the skin where it itches that you can break the skin and still want to scratch it because it itches so bad.
Wow, after taking one of my Morphine 200mg pills i have "The Itchy-Scratchys" like a mother****er!
by Darrell Abott December 30, 2009