An irritating sort of person who laughs all the time, even when it's inappropriate. Like Doctor Hibbert on the Simpsons.
My ex-girlfriend was a total Hibbert... by the time we broke up I was ready to kill her if I had to hear that stupid laugh even one more time.
by random dog March 3, 2008
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A person who laughs in innapropete times.
Some wife: is he gunna be fine
Hibbert: i dont think so hahaha
by Sideshow productions September 2, 2020
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Hibbert; Noun.

1.a dirty sket who's only home is at the bottom of a fucking trash can!

2.A girl who never washes

3.A girl who is not going to leeds

'That girls a hibbert!'

'Some dirty bloody hibberts went to that party last night!'
by Jordan Howardlololol May 12, 2008
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Adding hot girls on Facebook and pestering them until they sleep with you.
"I've been hibberting this girl on Facebook for a while"

Person A: "Hiya mate, what you up to?"
Person B: "Just on hibberting on Facebook"
by Doc Hibb November 9, 2011
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To describe someone as an Hibberts is to liken them to a member of a family of fools,known throughout the locality for there all round incompetence , stupidity and gullability.
Neighbours of mine,'70's Manchester.
by nick barnie January 30, 2005
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Roy Hibbert plays in the NBA for Indiana Pacers. Most commonly known for his thunderous dunks and his ability to shoot beyond the arc. Also known for posterizing Lebron James. Hibbert loves to dominate Lebron James, ecspecially in the playoffs. He started the trend "Hibberting" after his 3rd poster dunk on the Miami Heats Lebron James
Hey nigga, I'm gonna Roy Hibbert all over you at tonight's game!
by Kush masta 420 March 14, 2014
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Hibbert Syndrome is a tendency found in some people to laugh at tragedy or any other overly facetious moment. It is named after Dr. Hibbert, a character from the Simpsons renowned for this behaviour.
After laughing at the fires ongoing, Jeremy was diagnosed with Hibbert Syndrome and was given a bipolarity prescription.
by El ritardo September 15, 2020
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