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When a form of media makes you feel some sort of autophobia, triggered by an extreme fear of loneliness possibly due to the presence of a very few characters in that movie or show and also the type of world it was set in.

This term can also be used to describe the genre of that media.
Raja - Hey, did you watch that movie "Cast Away" by Tom Hanks?

Alex - Yes I did and it made me feel so isolic.

That game Ecco the Dolphin is so isolic, I felt really lonely while playing it.
by Pb32 July 06, 2018
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Isolic is the feeling you get that a game can create tons of atmosphere* by making you feel lonely, isolated,


Silent hill games, Not scary but it does give a sense of isolation and a depressing atmosphere, mostly to do with running through dark hospitals, sewers and you just kind of go deeper and it feels like it gets more isolated rather than seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
This game has a such a strong sense of isolation that i feel isolic just playing it!
by Jason Jehova July 09, 2018
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