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a mean name that the kids on 2030 will be calling the nerds.
f*ck off, Covid bish!
by it'smeyourcousin April 27, 2020
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something that doesn't happen in isolation.
mum: are you having fun sitting in your room alone?
me: no
by it'smeyourcousin April 27, 2020
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It means that every inch of your body and soul feels an intense amount of pure hatred for the Coronavirus that has killed over half a million people and caused toilet paper shortages.
Person 1: how are you today? Person2: Ihatecorona.
Person 1: what does that mean? Person 2: check the urban dictionary.
by it'smeyourcousin April 20, 2020
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Isolation is possibly the most boring thing in existence. It is the act of staying inside your house because you don’t want to catch a global pandemic of sort, most commonly COVID-19. It is recommended that you do isolate, even though while doing so you will probably be making TikToks or FaceTiming your toxic friends.
Have you been making TikToks and eating too much in isolation?
by it'smeyourcousin April 20, 2020
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vegan 1: hey you should really try this meat
vegan 2: *slurp* mm mmmm
by it'smeyourcousin May 10, 2020
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when someone goes within a 2 metre radius on you and they are not wearing a mask, therefore infecting you with the coronavirus.
did you see that mothermasker? they were coughing everywhere like Boris Johnson.
by it'smeyourcousin April 27, 2020
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