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Condition characterized by chronic diaria of the mouth, bloated buffet impacted colon, and personalitous horses-asses. Common to former professional football players named Sapp. Syptoms include frequent criticism of your coach and teammates. outbreaks of profanity when cameras are not rolling, and blatant cheap shot blind sighted hits against opponents.
I once had a chance. but now I'm a Warren Sapp, I should have listened to Leon Spinks and stayed in school, cause I sure am a fool. Maybe I can learn to rap, but then there's always the deep fryer job at Denny's.
by Pollo Negro October 02, 2005
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Is a over weight nigger that was posicuted for bear hatching in Mexico,and putting a all you can eat buffets out of busines.Plus he thinks that all you can eat is a challeng.
When I was in jail I felt a Warren Sapp
by Evan Baker February 19, 2005
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