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A Swedish ginger. Known for making countless "Your face!" jokes, and being a pepsi lover. Fantastically charming, funny, and sweet, and can steal a girls heart in the blink of an eye. Doesn't have any idea of how amazing he is. Also, extremely cuddly and random.
Random person: "I want a cupcake"
Isac: "Your face wants a cupcake!"
by greengirl888 October 16, 2010
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He is super hot but still kind. He has so many friends (he's popular). He is immature, but everyone loves him anyway. He is really tall. Anytime a girl lays eyes on him, they instantly want him to notice them. But, best of all, is his sense of humor. He can make anyone laugh with his dumb/great jokes.
Friend #1: Omg! Did you see that new kid?

Friend #2: Yeah. He is so freaking hot!!
Friend #1: His name is Isac, and he is hilarious!
by Thug 101 February 21, 2017
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He is a sexual abuser to people of a young age. He is so ugly. Red hair. Has Lots of friends for no apernt reason. Every parent loves him cause of his fake personality. Just wait till he gets done with you in the room.
β€œHave you herd about the Kansas d named Isac who got a sixth grader pregnant?”
by Mersadies November 09, 2017
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