A customary shot (or two) of hard whiskey consumed right after waking up, usually to calm the massive hangover from a night of drinking.
I would have had an Irish breakfast, but I don’t want to get cirrhosis by the time I’m 30.
by Scatmanjahn July 23, 2020
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When two men are penetrating a female, one vaginally and one anally, while another female is providing oral sex to the first female and putting a finger in the ass of each man. All happening at the same time.
Man last night was crazy, me and Steve met of with these girls downtown and ended up having an Irish Breakfast!
by BigRowdy69 May 24, 2017
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To be sucked off by a red head or an Irish person.
Jenny gave me the ol’ Irish Breakfast after a stressful day at work.
by despicable. October 27, 2018
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The act of covering one's naked body with bangers and mash, making your lover lick it off and then you proceed to 'bang her and mash'.
My wife was horny for a good Irish Breakfast.
by GI-ngy November 12, 2019
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A pint of the black stuff, to start the day right.
'I can't think straight before I've had my breakfast'
'You can't think straight after it!'
by ant August 4, 2004
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Guinness and raw oysters, preferably both as fresh as possible.
We woke up, went out on the oyster boat and had a fine Irish breakfast before going home to beat the kids some more.
by Stuph July 16, 2004
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Syonymous with fry-up. A meal extremely high in fat, generally eaten as a special indulgence. Invented by overworked Irish farmers, who needed to clog their arteries so that they could die early and get some rest.

Consists of sausages, rashers, eggs, haggis-like pudding, mushrooms, toast, and sometimes beans. Rowers on the way to a regatta or head in the early morning often buy rolls filled with the full Irish to stave off hunger pangs which result from waking up at 5am.

The English stole it and added fried bread. this disgusting mutant is termed the full English breakfast, and should not be confused with the real thing.

Should also not be confused with an Irish breakfast, which is oysters and Guinness.
While you're in Ireland, why not try a full Irish breakfast?
by Darth Ridley November 4, 2006
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