Educational institute where learning comes third to drinking and football.
Also: location where much potential is wasted and/or destroyed.
Seige: Are you goin' out tonight?
Joel: Nah, man. I got a test tomorrow.
Seige: Yeah, me too. Lets go to the bars.
Joel: Seige, I can't.
Seige: C'mon
Joel: Alright, fine. Let's get fucked up.
Seige: Sweet! You goin' to the game on Saturday?
Joel: Of course!
Seige: Awesome! We'll have to tailgate. I love the University of Iowa!
by lemiWINKS3 January 15, 2009
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The worst school in big ten. The students tend to skip class to going drinking. All Students brag about being the top party school.
I go to University of Iowa I'm Lame.
by R.Kelly12345 September 25, 2009
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The place where they care more about paying Ann Williamson over $250,000 a year, cutting retirement funding for their employees, making units work short staffed on a daily basis, and caring more about profit than safety of staff and patients. Then after asking staff to give back earned vacation time and cutting the retirement funding, they find a billing error totaling more than 15 MILLION dollars. But lets not be harsh because they do have the Iowa Cares program where anyone in the state that doesn't want to work like the rest of us, can come for free healthcare where they can have room service, treat the staff like shit, and get all the legal drugs they want on behalf of the taxpayers. Even better, they can complain about the color of the walls, the rooms being too small, having to share a room, parking is too expensive, they couldn't find a cheap hotel, and the hospital should be closer to where they live. I could go on and on but I think you get the idea!
University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics Staffing Department hard at work

Staffing: you need 2 RNs and 1NA so you are not short.

Unit: yes and if we get 2 more admissions, we will require 1 more RN or we will be short staffed.

Staffing: we probably won't have the NA but we will let you know.

Unit: okay let us know, we have x-number patients that require 2-3 people to turn, potty, etc.

1hr later:

Staffing: we can give you the RN's but couldn't get an NA.

unit: okay, what choice do we have

5 minutes later:
(pager going off)
5 admissions in 20min.

Unit calling staffing;

We just got 5 admissions, we need another nurse because now we are running short.

Staffing to Unit:

Sorry but we don't have anyone.

Surprsingly staffing and bedboard share the same office, but staffing had NO IDEA there were all these pending admissions from ETC????
by pissed off employee September 19, 2010
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The smallest and best of Iowa's three state Universities. Nestled in Cedar Falls with over and 10,000 trees on campus and a near 2:1 girl to guy ratio, a pretty damn awesome school.

You may have seen us on YouTube due to the massively popular Interlude dance.

You may have seen us on national television when we knocked Kansas out of the NCAA tourney in 2010.
The University of Northern Iowa STUNS Kansas In Massive Upset.

Ho! The Purple and the Gold, Victory for U-N-I!
by UNIPanthersGuy September 22, 2011
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