The 53rd element that occurs as a grey crystalline solid. It gives off a pretty, toxic, magenta-coloured vapour when heated, that should NOT be inhaled under any circumstance. It is one of two naturally-occurring halogens that crystallize at room temperature (the other being Astatine). Iodine's name comes from the Greek "Iodes", which means "violet-coloured".
Iodine occurs naturally in organic compounds in seaweed.
by CHNOPS July 08, 2020
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Key ingredient for producing Crystal Meth and contact explosives (touch it and boom, good for pranks and such).
I'm going to buy iodine then probably blow myself up in my meth lab
by ~MilkMan May 31, 2006
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Another way to say Hentai with periodic table elements. Also another was to be called smart-ass by your friends.

(insert hentai orgy)
Albie: What does Helium Nitrogen Tantalum Iodine mean?
Mexie: It means fucking HENTAI so go watch it
Albie: Sure.
by Night-Chan May 26, 2020
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If you've ever eaten a burger or a steak, and it's undercooked, you say "A little iodine and that thing could walk again!", implying that it's only a minor cut, and the animal could come back to life if iodine (a cut medicine) was applied.
Waiter: Here's your steak, sir.
Customer: *Cuts into the Steak, sees that it is raw.*
Waiter: Is everything OK?
Customer: Actually, no.
Waiter: What's wrong?
Customer: Weeeell, let's just say... A little iodine and that thing could walk again.
Waiter: Oh, no. Terribly sorry, sir.

But you know he isn't sorry. They never are.
by bls1999 May 26, 2013
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