1. A superpower thought up by many males in an attempt to achieve their utmost sexual fantasies.

2. The act of becoming unseen to the naked eye through the use of items, spells, or by paranormal reasons.

3. Not being visible.
1. Dazil: "Boy, I wish I had the power of invisibility so that I can sneak into the women's fitting rooms to peek on them!"

2. The ability of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak. When no one is under it, it's visible. When it is covering someone's body, it grants invisibility for no apparent explanation except for the fact it's magic.

3. "You are a ghost Fisher, be nothing more than a Splinter Cell."
by Ralph G. May 28, 2008
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The unique super power Lebron James uses during the 4th Quarter.
Joe: Did you see Lebron James play in the NBA Finals?

Jack: Nahh bro. He used his invisibility and that's why the Heat lost.
by MastaPanda June 15, 2011
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An awesome status on instant messaging services like AIM and Facebook chat that allow you appear offline in order to leave an awkward conversation or hide from someone but still remain online.
xxblablablaxx - We need to talk.
dudeguyman - Hold on i have to go take my grandma to the vet.
*changes status to invisible*
**dudeguyman has logged off**
by punkisdeadcv December 24, 2009
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1. Not visible; unseen

2. (Espec. in Iraq) Weapons of Mass Destruction.
1. I can't see you. Are you invisible?
by ieatmako June 19, 2004
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When people don’t notice you at all, whatsoever. Those types of people that no one really ever talks about because they blend in and never stand out. If they do talk about them, then it’s nothing bad. They _could_ pass judgement onto others, it depends. People don’t bully them because they’re pretty or handsome and good looking in General and they look smart or knowledgeable. They’re confidence and seemingly have good self esteem. They have a good amount of friends and excellent social skills. They can be talkative or quiet or both, but they aren’t obnoxiously loud.
I wish I were invisible. People always call me retarded and ugly as shit whenever I go. I look like an it. People sometimes ask out loud thinking I can’t hear them “is that a girl or boy?” and I stand out no matter what I do or say or how I act. I’d rather have no attention than to have the wrong type of attention that is unwanted.
by JaydeMariaa July 13, 2018
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What every person in the world sometimes wishes to become.
I wish I could be invisible a least for a while. That way, I could enter everywhere without paying and listening to people's chats without being noticed.
by Urban_Fellow July 10, 2006
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