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An incredibly large project given at the end of an information systems course at a university, often causing all required to complete it to become total PABs for an entire week.
"Have you seen Grant?"
"Nah, he's working on the intex for his G-Damn IS class."
"What a PAB..."
by pubesicleman December 05, 2018
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A term used to describe a man with a extremely large penis.
"Hey girl, did you hook up with an intex last night?"

"Fo zhizzle girl friend, I road that intex like seabiscuit"
by Jesus Christ on a Stick November 20, 2006
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To spend a romantic night with another man, no sex, just spooning and cuddling.
I don't think last night was gay, we only intexed.
by Jimmy Corn November 03, 2006
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