Bubble members who post trash memes
Hey did you see what that Creater put in the forrum?
by Gritty2020 February 7, 2021
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The word that doesn't exist in the dictionary or just made up
Creater can be used for a name but still made up
"Hey my oc name is Creater"


by Creater_Downfall February 11, 2020
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A games console that takes 4 delivery men to deliver to your house because it is so big and heavy. Also you have to build an extention on your home for it to fit in.
''I wanna play on my x-box whilst i recover from my hernia operation but i have no house to play it in''
by kinney2-k-4eva November 6, 2004
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Has a small dick gang is fucking gay has no life and he can such his moms dick all he wants because imaging being gay
The posnack creater is a homo in many different ways like a type of faggatrons
by THE POSNACK CREATER September 17, 2019
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