The action performed by someone who is “Built Different”, and has been forced into taking charge of the situation. Takes place most commonly during a crisis.
Guy#1: “Dude, NASA just said that a huge solar flare is gonna wipe out the Earth’s atmosphere! What the fuck are we gonna do?!”

Mark Whalberg: “Guess I gotta get involved.”

Guy#1: “What? What can you do to stop it?”

Mark Whalberg: “Intervene.”
by ¥—¥ June 28, 2020
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(v) The act of, when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, using the Intervention sniper rifle.
Billy "No I don't want to use the Barratt, I'm gonna Intervene"

*Switches Class*

Headshot! +100
by DryLunch April 28, 2010
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A deliberate act by one group that forces another group into compliance.
Dude1: Did you see that the Arab militia is killing African Christians in Darfur?
Dude2: Fuck that shit man.
Dude1: Intervene, we need to send in the Marines man. Put some steel on target.
Dude2: Fuckin' A dude.
Dude1: Is that all you say?
by J. Andrew Lotta December 27, 2006
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Someone who recklessly does something and blames someone else for their negative consequences.
Dude, don't pull an 'Intervene Charge'. Just admit it was your own fault and that you were being reckless.
by FactuallyCorrectFacts July 11, 2018
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One who hinders another by another by embarrassing or demeaning them in front of others, usually girls.
Billy W.I.ed me by telling everyone about the time i shit my pants in sixth grade.
by Steve&Craig November 15, 2003
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Someone who recklessly does something and starts blaming someone else for their own negative consequences.

The term 'Intervene Charge' is consists of two words, 'Intervene' and 'Charge'. 'Intervene' here stands for the person trying to intervene (duh) and 'Charge' for him/her going in too quickly without assessing the situation.
This term is correctly used when the person in question tries to intervene with something, thus charging in recklessly to solve the situation while making it worse and then putting the blame on someone else.
The fact that you are blaming me now Wilhelmus, just proves that you pulled an Intervene Charge.
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