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The action performed by someone who is “Built Different”, and has been forced into taking charge of the situation. Takes place most commonly during a crisis.
Guy#1: “Dude, NASA just said that a huge solar flare is gonna wipe out the Earth’s atmosphere! What the fuck are we gonna do?!”

Mark Whalberg: “Guess I gotta get involved.”

Guy#1: “What? What can you do to stop it?”

Mark Whalberg: “Intervene.”
by ¥—¥ June 27, 2020
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(v) The act of, when playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, using the Intervention sniper rifle.
Billy "No I don't want to use the Barratt, I'm gonna Intervene"

*Switches Class*

Headshot! +100
by DryLunch April 28, 2010
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A deliberate act by one group that forces another group into compliance.
Dude1: Did you see that the Arab militia is killing African Christians in Darfur?
Dude2: Fuck that shit man.
Dude1: Intervene, we need to send in the Marines man. Put some steel on target.
Dude2: Fuckin' A dude.
Dude1: Is that all you say?
by J. Andrew Lotta December 26, 2006
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