past tense: intertwined; past participle: intertwined

twist or twine together.
I love the way John intertwine his ideas!!
by Muneer Maiharka April 16, 2015
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Another name for touching heads, in a sexual way.
Me and my friend head-butted (intertwination)

each other yesterday!
by Icecreamdog August 26, 2015
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when you intertwine your fingers of both hands and shove them up a girls ass while she trys to shove her own two fists down her mouth, im a faggot for writing this
things were really heating up last night until my girl told me she want an intertwined asshole. i was shocked but i gave it to her
by maxandad1 February 2, 2011
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Like Netflix and Chill but with Amazon prime because you are broke; I.E. to have sex and watch a movie or TV show
Dude 1: Yo, I heard you and Angela Netflix and Chill'd
Dude 2: Nah, just Amazon Prime and Intertwine
by Mrliger December 16, 2015
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1.When two or more subjects/items have a mutual with each other

2. The state of being intertwined
The obvious similarities proved blatant intertwination
by Piercing Deceit June 10, 2019
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Intertwine balls is when you're spinning your balls inside your ball sack so long that you lose all feeling in your nutsack and pass out usually dying in the process. if you don't die you usually feel severe pain can be treated in the hospital
Balls are very itchy using the spin and twist technique is the best

Realize that you can spend the left ball over the right ball

Continues to spend balls

Feels extreme bowel pain and passes out later dies long story short do not twist your balls in a circle you will get intertwined balls
by Bigsops April 2, 2022
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