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an america online internal account. used for pulling info and scrolling in chatrooms.
sub me off that int - i can bypass securid.
by phillip nis March 18, 2008
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A cool mod, mad respect for them in Golden Dynasty’s server.
Person 1: Who’s INT?

Person 2: One of the coolest mods in Golden Dynasty’s discord server!

Person 1: SHEEEESH
by mitsuwee July 9, 2021
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Mainly referred to during texting as INT, meaning “I Need That” commonly used when talk about a female.
by Reallybroo August 25, 2022
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- The sound that a game show wrong answer buzzer makes.

- A response to somebody that says something stupid
- No
- A stupid person or someone annoying
- A stress reliever

NOTE : int CAN be integrated into someones name

EXAMPLE : Danielle = Danint, Kristin = Krint, Brittany = Brint, Jamie = Jamint, Melissa = Melint
Example 1:
Danielle : SHEN I dont have DBS right?
Sheni: INT

Example 2:
Garbear: Hey wanna hang out?
Sheni: INT

Example 3:
Ugly Bitch: You know if I wanted I could win Miss America.
Sheni: INT

Example 4:
Boss: Hey can you come into work today?
Sheni: INT

Example 5:
Stupid Person: Im so much better looking then Sheni
by Sheni3 August 12, 2012
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The be all and end all of all there is
I am int aka, I am "The be all and end all of all there is"
by int November 12, 2003
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