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(Sarai) means “Princess”. It is a name of Hebrew origin. A Sarai is a rare gem. Considered to be one of the most beautiful human beings walking on the face of the earth.. that even angels gasp in the wake of her presence. (If you find one, Please don’t let her go) She is Intelligent, Has a great sense of humor, and is kind. She’s endured a lot of hardship in her life, But that’s made her the woman she is today. With a fire burning inside of her, She yearns to help others around her. Sarai’s have a small circle, and they will forever cherish their loved ones.

This girl will prove to be an excellent companion.. strong-willed, fearless and a huge freak. *Sarai’s faithfulness is like that of a lioness.* Her eyes are a reminder of the fertility of life, a hope for beautiful things. Blessed with a petite frame, and a big round booty that you’d wish to claim. She has a beautifully bronzed complexion, that would grab any mans attention. If a genie granted you three wishes, you would only need to ask for one Sarai as she’s the most fly.
Oh my, look at Sarai. That booty don’t lie.
by Petiteone July 07, 2018

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The inability to sleep like regular individuals. As much as you tell yourself you’ll sleep that night, your mind just won’t shut down. Medications won’t work, meditation helps. (It’s all in your little crazy head.)

Insomniac: FUCK! It’s 3 am.. Oh well.. looks like I won’t be sleeping. *Grabs phone, Clicks on Pornhub Video*
Fuck yeah.
Friend: "I slept like a baby last night! Love how I can sleep 8 hours errr’night. How’d you sleep?

You: Go lick my butthole. I have insomnia you dick.
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by Petiteone September 14, 2018

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