1) A crime commited by an individual who is in a position of trust and has access to "inside" knowledge in relation to the crime commited.
2) Also a song by American rock band Pearl Jam.
1) The FBI agent used his knowledge of law enforcement to cover up his tracks after he murdured his wife.
2) Im listening to Inside Job right now.
by p.z July 2, 2007
When you fucking a pregnant chick and her kid starts to give you a hand job from inside, hence the name inside job
Jim: did you hook up with that pregnant girl from the party

Aidan: yeah man, even got an inside job
by JHova04 February 19, 2020
A hand job (masturbation) received from someone or administered by your-self without the taking off or the unzipping of your clothing garments. Messy stuff (this applies to both male and female)
Dude1: I've got to go home!
Dude2: why? its just getting hot tonight.
Dude1: just got an inside job, need to change me pants.
Dude2: smackdowns!
by Gareth Smith May 15, 2005
an offense done to an organization by someone within it
The security breach was an inside job.
by The Return of Light Joker September 4, 2008
911 George bush did it. Jet fuel cant melt steel beams
damn bro that George Bush did an inside job
by ImNotALiberal November 15, 2018
a tattoo made while in prison
A: Hey, nice tat. Where did you get it?
B: It's an inside job
A: Nice one anyway
by pasqdek February 6, 2013
When you're balls deep in a girls turd cutter and she starts fingering herself in her coochie, thus creating a rubbing motion through the vaginal wall which jerks your cock off. Hence, the Inside Job.
Girl: "Oh boy, I love it when you're in my ass"
Guy: "How bout you give me a little Inside Job baby?"
Girl: "Okay, but after you finish your homework sweetie."
by definictionary May 21, 2015