People by this name are usually really caring and pretty. They may not realize it themselves at times but they really are beautiful, inside and out. They are very caring, nice, supportive, and will always be there for you. You will be lucky to have a friend like Inna.
by -_----- December 8, 2012
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She is kind and thoughtful. Never wanting to put anyone down...unless she needs to. Tough, hardcore, sometimes a loudmouth. Can beat the shit outta anyone she wants to. But inside is broken, emotional, weak. Loves to have fun and break rules, but will be too shy to admit it. Perfect combination of sexy and cute. Amazing kisser. Nice ass. Too good to be true. She can be immature but its in a way that attracts you, its kinda cute. Very loving and sweet. Has the most beautiful smile. If you know an Inna, your a lucky! Dont lose her.
Boy 1: Have you met Inna?
Boy 2: Naah, she cute?
Boy 1: Beyond, funny as hell too. She a bad bitch.
Boy 2: Niceeee!
by finestchicksaroundbro November 10, 2012
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To be in someone elses business, aka nosey
"she just wants to know everything, she's too inna"
by piccalizzie February 24, 2010
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Sure, that girl is cute, but she's no Inna!
by CredibleSource April 27, 2004
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Rushing waters
Always a trooper
Down for the ride
Good hearted woman
Very Very weird
Inna: BAMF no need to explain

Must be experienced, cant be explained
by Zyka June 6, 2013
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A amazing woman who just oozes perfection in every aspect of her life.
"We should all hope to be as perfect as Inna one day!" "Inna, more like Ooza!"
by Ruddaga June 2, 2013
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Inna: Famous Romanian singer whose hits include 'Hot', 'Clubrocker' ' De Ja Vu,' ' Love' and many more. Her albums are 'Hot', ' I Am The CLubrocker' and 'Party Never Ends.'
Romanian singers Inna
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