3 definitions by Ruddaga

Someone who is better at life then say a Matthew or a Liam.
Man that John is just so much better at life than Liam or Matt!
by Ruddaga April 11, 2013
A amazing woman who just oozes perfection in every aspect of her life.
"We should all hope to be as perfect as Inna one day!" "Inna, more like Ooza!"
by Ruddaga June 2, 2013
Is to send a text message after already sending a first text message and not receiving a reply, usually to a member of the opposite sex that one is interested in. The double tap is often a rookie mistake that everyone makes in their life and it usually comes off reeking of desperation (which in turn puts of the recipient of the text even more).
Person A -"Why hasn't she replied yet.... Stuff it im going to send her another text."
Person B - "Dude.. NEVER try double tapping.. thats instant desperate weirdo!!"
by Ruddaga August 31, 2009