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It's basically this pizza buffet. The pizza is really good and tasty. They also have chocolate chip pizzas.
My nigga, lets head ova to infinitos and eat a bunch of pizza til we throw up
by STRONGMAN September 21, 2012
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family inhabited mainly by total assholes who do nothin but fuck you over with nonsence and stupidity. see also jackass.

thier main deal is they all have tiny penises and are taking it out on the rest of the world. anyone with the name infinito who is male and over 40 is a dick. if they are under 40 chances are they are awsome and you ladies should fuck them immediatly. see allso crazy, or crazy awsome
if you see one of these infinito people on the street, please kick in nutsack as to prevent further breeding. however if said person is wearing a leather jacket, long hair and looks sexy, its me so please dont.
by me myself and my dick January 23, 2009
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