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A word to call an Indonesian person, or sometimes Indonesia.
Just like the word "nigga", the term isn't necessarily racist and is depending on the context given
1. All Indons should go to hell! (Racist)

2. I just met an Indon a few minutes ago (not racist)

3. Wow that guy is so dumb, just like Indon (racist)

4. One of my friend is from Indon (not racist)
by akiiranna December 16, 2018
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Used to call Indonesian as short term from "Indon"esian. The term was also used by Indonesian themselves until 1960, It has no derogatory manner to begin with, But however the term conceived as negative among Indonesian, in 2006 Indonesian government sent a letter to stop all foreign media to use term Indon.
those Indon girls are so pretty.
by urbanica May 24, 2018
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An offensive term used by Malaysians. It is even used by the government, signifying the biased opinions of the Malaysian Government. Used in the same context as 'nigger', offensive only if used by Malaysians.
"I'm jealous of those rich indons" - Malay person.
by RDmas December 15, 2007
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indons is a people who triggered and can't move on from some situation. Also, can be known as fucking retard
"Those people are so 'indons' even when 'M' government had been forgiven by their government. Aren't they so stupid?"
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by hadonosanjusansokatsui August 24, 2017
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