n. Communication channels favoured by the aged, and those that don't want to be "part of the conversation".

Dude! You got to get on the Twitter! You can totally get fake updates from celebrities and find out what all your cool friends are wasting their lives doing in "real time"!

No thanks. I'm kind of into the anti-social media. I have some Dickens I want to read before I have my evening gruel. And is there some other type of "time"?
by gnostic 2 February 09, 2014
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Anti social media is the reduction of face to face communication from using social media. Generations X-Z generally prefer anti social media to actual personal interaction and share everything in life on line ad nauseum. Do I really need to see a jpeg of your latest meal? Or your kid at the pool? Or your buddy passed out after he shit himself?
In clear violation of anti social media etiquette, after months of tweeting and facebooking Steve and Oliva finally got together for coffee. Both ran to the restroom to unfollow and unfriend one another.
by Sevin O'Zow November 25, 2013
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Used to describe someone's social skills which are so notoriously anti that he does not need any social media tools to ruin his reputation.
Tom was at his best again at yesterday's party. His Anti-Social Media Marketing skills were at the fore when he slapped his boss's backside.
by Sandeep Sridhar February 03, 2008
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