The fourth, plus very bad-ass album and song by Disturbed
"I'll have you know that that I've become indestructible. Determination that is incorruptible, from the other side a terror to behold, annihalation will be unavoidable. Every broken enemy will know that their opponent had to be invincible..."
by Metal up your ass dude September 27, 2009
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Impervious; incapable of being damaged; invincible.

Meaning you can't destroy whatever it is you're trying to bust up.
When Super Mario grabs a Starman he becomes totally indestructible. Now where were those things when he had to face Bowser?
by TheSpectacularOne March 4, 2009
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"That ipod was not indestructible because Jael broke it."
"Jael broke her 'indestructible' ipod."
"Jael should be one of those people who tests products for destructibility. She'd bring a new meaning to the word 'indestructible.'"
"Jael, who smells like Kenzo Amour, almost broke a plate while swag surfin'."

"Jael, you can't microwave metal. Our microwave isn't indestructible."
"Jael, our love for you is indestructible."
by marflorel May 17, 2010
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That’s what they call Stan back in Slovakia.
Josh: Who’s that guy?
Archibald: That’s Stan, they call him “Stan Indestructible” back in Slovakia.
by Some might say Indestructible October 24, 2022
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