Jael’s are typically very kind hearted. They have their weird and awkward moments and several flaws but that’s what makes them unique. When you find a Jael it’s not only their beauty that will intrigue you, it’s their personality and intelligence that’ll stand out the most. Once you find yourself a Jael, you’ll never forget them.
guy 1 : “I finally met Jael for the first time

guy 2: “Really? Dude you got to meet her before I did”
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Jael is an amazingly gorgeous, intelligent and independent girl. She has a wonderful sense of fashion and loves to be trendy. She is usually quiet and stays away from people, but if you meet a Jael, you're very lucky. You should feel stupid to have broken up with Her. You should never toy or hurt a Jael's feelings because it will bite you back in the ass. You should feel exhilarated to have a Jael as a girlfriend.
Shivali: "My best friend's name is Jael...she is literally my unbiological sister!!!"
by JJCJ13 February 20, 2021
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Jael is the most kind and wonderfulgirl you’ll ever meet . Not only her beauty but her intelligencewill entice you .She has a short temper and is awkward at times but it’s only because so so unique.
“I meet this girl today her name was jael

For real ?she must of been really special “
by Bellaflower2424 March 7, 2019
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Beautiful, smart, obnoxious, obviously loves to play with people, friendly, lowkey at most times.
Guy 1: Bruh this girl I met, she is amazing!
Guy 2: She might be a Jael.
by KitKat5235 March 13, 2017
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Jael (or alternately, Yael) is the biblical heroine in the book of Judges who killed the Canaanite captain Sisera to deliver Israel from the troops of king Jabin. She hid him in her tent and, while he slept, drove a tent peg through his temple. She was the wife of Heber the Kenite. (Read Judges 4 for more info)

Jael: a name of Hebrew origin meaning "Mountain Goat".
"Blessed above all women be Jael, wife of Heber the Kenite, blessed above all women in the tents." Judges 5:24
by Arden-Lane April 9, 2010
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The most beautiful girl you would ever meet. Very hyper and interactive, but most of an airhead.
girl: Hey, have you seen Jael?

Boy: No, she's probably being an airhead.
by lolidkatthispoint September 1, 2021
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Jael is a very loud lad with short hair. He makes fun of his peers and only has a few close friends. He is very trusting if you tell him a secret. Nothing will happen if you get on his bad side he is not a threat because he's not a hateful person. If you become his close friend you can see how two-sided he is. In public, he is outgoing and annoying, in private he is calmer and still a little bit of a clueless loveable person.
Person 1 - "I just met this random person, they were being so mean to me I always cry when I get near them."

Person 2 - "He's not that mean, meet him in private! His name is Jael!"
by theneaarrr._ November 25, 2021
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