A set of political beliefs which should focus on stressing the following:

-Social government programs seeking to improve the quality and equality of life such as Health care and Welfare

-Heightened strength of federal government to keep differing state governments close enough together to avoid conflict

-Protection of Constitutional rights of ALL people (even those who are not politically liberal)

Unfortunately, it is now also known for the following:

-Anti-religious zealotry seeking to censor any mention of God, thus restricting free speech, but only for religious individuals.

-Anti-conservative bigotry that viciously mock and criticize conservatives simply because they have different beliefs.

-Radical homosexual propaganda that makes anyone who disagrees with "Homosexuality is natural, healthy and good for society" out to be some sort of criminal.
I don't know how to explain to my friends that I'm politically liberal but not a total lying bitch like Rachel Maddow or other famous liberals.
by TruthInText May 25, 2010
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