A folk/rock "jam band" that provides decent studio recordings and amazing improvisation on stage. SCI has a lot of influence from roots music, like bluegrass, folk, country, and acoustic blues. With an acoustic guitar, a mandolin, a bass guitar, a drummer/percussionist, and keyboards, The Cheese deliver an eclectic blend of instruments and musical styles, and from this produce amazing live shows called "Incidents."

Deep lyrics in the songs, big dreadlocks on the grass.
Well the rhythm of the road holds the questions to the answers on our minds.
by Goudabaker July 3, 2005
none of these guys know what SCI is. SCI is a jamband that plays rock, bluegrass, trance,blues,funk,psychedelic,jazz,and folk. Some good songs to listen to are Pirates, Rivertrance, Water, Restless Wind, Mouna Bowa, Texas, Born On the Wrong Planet, Eye Know Why, Latinissmo, !Bam!,etc. Well thats it the Cheeze is just plain amazing oh yeah they play some great covers too like Chameleon, I Know You Rider, Panama Red, Naive Melody. These guys jam.
Man I love going to see the String Cheese Incident, no matter what its a good time.
by ianb18 November 3, 2005
A band following in the footsteps of the Grateful Dead but with a different style. Better live than studio
by Viva Trey Anastasio March 30, 2005
one of the worst bands to have crossed the jamband scene and the music scene in general.

also known as the String Cheese ACCIDENT
by Mother fuckin' P.I.M.P December 18, 2006
A piss poor "jam band" from colorado that has created a following of loser hippie fucks the likes of which has not seen since the waning days of the grateful dead. this once talented bluegrass band has truly pissed in down the right right leg and shit down the left in an attempt to become a brainwashing techno/trance/molly popping/hippie cultivating machine. Once good music has since been replaced by repetitive bass lines, synthesizers and electric drum machines with the hopes of creating the largest following of mindlessness ever.
The String Cheese Incident raped my dog on their way to the show tonight.
by Cheese Hater October 14, 2005
weak cover band. Folk/jam genre loved by junior-high stoner wannabes.
emo girl: wahh my family sux
emo boy: wahh i dont luv the world
emo girl: lets steal my deadbeat mom's ciggs, pretend to smoke them and listen to String Cheese Incident!
by DENCHtheMAN July 28, 2005