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The Macintosh Version of the Lossless WAV format. Good file format to work with for editing audio on Macintosh based computers and is much better than shit quality mp3 files.
Some Macintosh people claim that WAV is like MP3 and AIFF is the only lossless format, yet they are wrong and only think that Macs do the best for audio format. They are BOTH THE SAME!
by judenihal January 27, 2010
The American spelling to pronounce Iraq the correct way.
When the American People say E Rock, they say it like the way Iraq is supposed to be pronounced.

i as in kit
a as in aah
by judenihal July 27, 2008
The shit song is overplayed and is not my favourite song, yet its a big hit in the US.
by judenihal March 16, 2010
A stupid joke that is overrated which ruined a great 80's song. Just because the song is so good doesn't mean that it has to be over used and reposted in fake links.

Even my inside jokes over my crush is funnier than this overrated bullshit joke, which doesn't even make sense. It isn't even funny. What the hell is the big deal?
Rick Roll is a stupid joke and only idiots would disagree with me here.
by judenihal September 26, 2010
An Innocent Iraqi DickTator abused by Mr. President Bush, who is the REAL terrorist to destruct Saddam Hussein's home country.

A terrorist leader with WMD, but were never going to use it against his enemies, if his enemies respected him when they did, or at least, tried to.
Even though Saddam Hussein was a bad leader, we should have never defeated him and let him rule Iraq. Mr. President Bush just lied about him and his evil plans and claims that Saddam Hussein is a terrorist when the real terrorist is President Bush! I hope he gets assasinated for bombing Iraq and goes to hell for bombing Baghdad Iraq, destroying peoples lives there.
by judenihal July 23, 2008
Owned by the rival unexpectedly and illegally.

Another way of saying "Invaded".

Word of Origin:

Americans took over Iraq in 2003 by bombing Baghdad, which is an illegal act towards the UN and the world.
Example 1:

The American's Illegally Iraqed Iraq by bombing Baghdad and overthrew Saddam Hussein and now has full control of the oil and the country.

Example 2:

The hacker Iraqed the computer network system and now has the capibility of changing private information secretly.
by judenihal July 22, 2008
The wrong way of pronouncing Iraq.
irack is made up by people who don't know how to pronounce iraq the correct way.
by judenihal August 6, 2008