Someone with a tiny dick, around about 1 inch long.
by Brendan April 6, 2003
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Katie: i fucked sam last night at the party
Emma: :O :O :O u so lucky omg
Katie: he had a 1 incher
Emma : lol
by TheHunterOfPussy December 4, 2016
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The normal size for a normal man and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this specific size.

#4 Incher
Wow, your mans a 6 incher Barbra?

Why, yes Lisa, he is.
by Spareknves February 13, 2017
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A dick that will please a girl even when she is mad at you
Madeline-Fuck off I hate you

Johnny-I’ll give you my 7 Incher
Madeline-I’ll ride you all night baby
by Silu wamba June 9, 2021
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Having a penis that measures two inches

Girls are usually turned off after hearing such news.
Rob " Man, what did you do to get out of fucking that fat chick last night?"

Calvin " I told her I got a 2-incher"
by Chealyn February 17, 2009
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The name for people on the Internet who claim to have a 9 inch long dick, although all they are looking for is cyber sex and nude pictures. When women ask for their nudes in return, the will most likely say "brb I'll take some" but are actually google searching the following-
"my dick"
"jacking off"
"big cock"

Please note:
Most 9 inchers tend to claim they are between 14-20 years of age.
Studies show 75% are actually over the age of 35.
Anita: I was online yesterday lookin for dick pics, and I went to a chat room and found this guy who sent me some!
Jamie: Oh really? Was he a 9 incher?
Anita: No! Wait... Good question. BRB.
Jamie: K.
*two minutes later*
Jamie: Lmao
by theinternetisadangerousplace October 8, 2009
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