A person who is too stupid to use the word 'email' or 'message' and simply refers to the folder the message arrives in, rather than the method of transportation.

If you see or hear someone use this phrase, it is best to remove all technology from that persons zone of influence and prevent them from using it again. Cutting off their fingers is extreme but may well be acceptable for the good of humanity as a whole.
"If you know this guy please inbox me." "I'd rather troll you first if that's ok? And link Urban Spoon whilst I'm at it"
by 0s1r1s February 10, 2015
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Phrase used by those too stupid to say "email" that don't know the difference between a noun and a verb. An instant indication that you are dealing with a moron.
"Dude, inbox me on that later." "Never mind. I don't want to know you".
by John Berry Hobbes February 2, 2015
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What people say when they are to fucked in the head to know the difference between a message and where the message is stored.
Fuckhead: Just inbox me.
Normal person: Sorry what?
Fuckhead: You know, send me an inbox.
Normal person: *lose faith in humanity, delete, block*
by Hjjon January 21, 2011
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When someone posts something for sale, e.g. on Facebook, but won't give further details publically because they;

1) would be ridiculed for the outrageously high asking price;

2) want to pretend that the article for sale isn't in a terrible state of repair;

3) are so bone idle that they just cannot be bothered to put effort into typing a few more words for those that might not be interested anyway; and/or,

4) have nothing for sale, have no friends and this is the path-of-least-effort for human contact (however brief that will inevitably turn out to be).
1) Ford Focus for sale. Inbox me for details.
by Benthic October 14, 2013
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inbox has turned in to a verb now when direct / instant messaging is more the norm. In the era of email and on-demand (check your messages from time to time) messaging the inbox was the noun describing where your unread messages are waiting for you to read.

But since now most electronic communication is instant (you get notified immediately about an incoming message or you see the message immediately) inbox can be more of an exception.

Specifically inbox turns in to a verb with wider usage of Facebook where the more regular way of communicating is posting messages on somebody's wall, commenting on them or using the Facebook chat (instant messaging, or IM like in Yahoo IM, AOL IM, etc). So when users want to switch from these more popular methods to sending a message more like an email (send and wait for recipient to read and respond) they can request "inbox me" or notify - "I will inbox you".

Inbox-ing is also one of the methods of going in to a private, one-on-one, conversation where only the sender and recipient (unless others are addressed too) see the messages exchanged. In Facebook all friends, friends of friends or public (depending on privacy settings) can read a conversation carried out by wall posts and comments.
Person 1 on Facebook wall of Person2: Hey what's your cell phone number? I have a new phone and I do not have your number.
Person 2 commenting (responding) to wall post from Person 1: Inbox me, I do not want all my 4,699 Facebook friends to see my cellphone number.
by kubrat June 8, 2010
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Co-worker: Inbox me if you're intererested in the office party.
by Sofa Dude November 20, 2009
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When a computer user is directed to contact the other through ways of electronic mail, FB, tWiTter, and other networking applications. Some of the older generations, particularly the baby boomers and or earlier, have little to no understanding of these internet slang/concepts. With guidance they may come to use our applications with confidence and better their understanding of today's Generation Y and technologies created back @X.
Inbox Me: using FB so umm Mom, if you insisit on being within my hidden friends list, start using my mailbox/inbox cuz I'll be blocking you from my Wall if you can't understand the difference. Love, You generous child.
by belle01010 February 17, 2012
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