The action of using non-verbal techniques to powerfully communicate or impart an idea to another party.
Ryan’s 6 months were long up. He owed big money to the local residing MC, and too much time had passed.
Jackson was the newest prospect in the Storm Riders, and these men wanted to see if the new kid had what it took to ride with them. John, the Enforcer, stepped up to Jackson for some final words of advice.
“Here you go, kid. .357 Sig P226, with 2 mags on the side. You’ll have enough to wipe out the lying fucker and collect that shiny new bike he keeps hidden in that shithole garage of his. He’s been holding out on us, and we want our money back. Do it right, and we’ll call you brother next time we see you. You, son- today you’ve got a chance to prove yourself to our crew. And you’re gonna do it by sending a message.”
by Katanamaru July 12, 2019
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A euphemism for defecate particularly popular in South Florida and other areas where there is a large population of refugees from the Fidel Castro regime.
¡'ño! Gotta send a message to Fidel, brb :-/
by leonAzul May 9, 2010
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DEFINITION: When you aren't paying attention and accidentally text a sexually suggestive message (sext) to the wrong person on your blackberry!
APPLICATION: John was called into his boss's office this afternoon for a warning because of sending mixed messages to the mailroom department.
by don samson December 3, 2009
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Phrase from the internet funny man himself, Alpharad. This means that styling on your opponent is much more important than winning the game. Usually used in Smash Bros.
Opponent: “Why did you go for that forward aerial offstage with no jump?”
Alpharad: “Because it’s not about winning, it’s about sending a message.”
by Tronix6114 August 20, 2022
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Aptil 29th is send voicr message day. So send voice messages to whoever you want. But don't say its your voice.
A: *sends voice message to B*
B: Why did you send that?
A: It's International send voice messages day!
by IfIExplodeRememberMe April 27, 2021
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