A phrase used when someone places their cup, glass, etc. dangerously close to the edge of the table.
Jenny, your cup is crying. Move it to the other side of your plate, please.
by FlyingTackle November 28, 2009
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To refill your cup with preferred alcoholic beverage of choice
Trying to get turnt up tonight? It is time to re-up your cup.
by Black Rock Hershey February 23, 2015
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what you ask dudes with huge bitch tits.
steve dave: hey whats your cup size?
damian: man, shut up kracka'
by mitch November 18, 2004
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The act of cupping the testicles during a physical with you general practitioner. Mostly used to get a picture of your taint or a finger up your ass when you forget to do the coughing.
Always remember to be alert around the doctor when this is happening they will do anything to get there finger in your ass.
Hey jimmy I need you to cup your balls and cough before I can put my finger in your ass.
by Crackhead mania January 12, 2021
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When Scottish people realise they are Scottish and suddenly feel depressed.
Oh Will, is it true? Am I really Scottish? Thats really put me in your cups.
by Dan13Solo June 12, 2022
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