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A term referring to something, (often a sector or market,) that has performed very poorly or well below expectations.

Something is said to "Be tanking" while it is on it's way down and performing poorly.
"The company's profits were in the tank."
"His performance was tanking."
"Because of Ad blockers, site ad revenue was in the tank!"
by Maxwell_Edison October 22, 2016
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Favoring, or casting in a favorable light, so as to appear on the side of an issue or person. Often associated with the media's coverage during presidential campaigns.
The press is in the tank for Obama!

Man 1: Mormons are in the tank!
Man 2: Dammit. Can we put them in a separate tank, at least?
by Ian Goodrum November 03, 2008
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expression that typically describes a card play (e.g. Texas Hold'em) who pauses and thinks about his / her next move for an unusually long time
After The Owl (with pocket kings) raised $5,000, Texas Dolly went in the tank. She eventually re-emerged and raised $10,000.
by Zoe Christensen March 18, 2010
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Broken, hopeless, ruined. Synonyms: screwed up or fucked up.
Damn! Frank was going to have a big outdoor barbecue this weekend but when the forecast called for rain, he knew his plans were in the tank.

Frank started his car, depressed the accelerator to the floor and shifted back and forth between "R" and "D". Now his transmission is in the tank.
by Frank Klaune April 29, 2005
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Someone who is extremely hung over, tired, confused, or ill but having to function either at a job or some other event where the person must be on top of their game..
1. "Hey Marie, how's it going?"
- "ugh. I'm in the tank. Tim came home this weekend and I didn't get enough sleep."

2. "Ok, did everyone get that? Tuesday we are going."
-"uh, no.. what was that again?"
-"Sorry man I must be in the tank today."
by River City Smokers January 28, 2008
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