Favoring, or casting in a favorable light, so as to appear on the side of an issue or person. Often associated with the media's coverage during presidential campaigns.
The press is in the tank for Obama!

Man 1: Mormons are in the tank!
Man 2: Dammit. Can we put them in a separate tank, at least?
by Ian Goodrum November 03, 2008
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A term referring to something, (often a sector or market,) that has performed very poorly or well below expectations.

Something is said to "Be tanking" while it is on it's way down and performing poorly.
"The company's profits were in the tank."
"His performance was tanking."
"Because of Ad blockers, site ad revenue was in the tank!"
by Maxwell_Edison October 22, 2016
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saying, "no thanks" to a fat chick. Usually used when the opportunity for sex is at hand.
This fat girl named Betty wanted to go home with me for some late night action. My reply was "tanks but no tanks!"
by Donky Puncher August 22, 2005
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-Something you scream every ten minutes in Grand Theft Auto Online
-Reference to a particular player, Firescorpion
by Jolernaught January 14, 2017
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A guy's tanks are his testicles, his nuts.
I woke up with morning wood, so I jerked off and drained my tanks!
by eda-skip January 02, 2022
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Flopped on billboard charts, if it even made it to the charts.

A word that stans use ALL THE TIME.
This album by this person tanked.
by indichotomy December 01, 2020
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1. To be a solid supporter for a political candidate.

(Used especially with members of the news media, who are meant to be objective.)

2. To be a solid supporter of someone.
"Like nearly everyone in the news media, the three of us are totally in the tank for Senator Obama."
by zed421 March 04, 2008
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