Following a relatively safe corridor through enemy anti-aircraft fire. Often used in conjuction with 5 by 5, meaning that the craft in question is either undamaged or has suffered very little damage.
by Macavity October 31, 2003
To do something with extreme accuracy and efficiency while making it look easy.
Friend 1: How'd that test go?

Friend 2: PIPED IT!

Friend 1: So did she actually let you come home with her?

Friend 2: PIPED IT!
by TastesLikeLemons57 November 27, 2010
Piped is a word for getting fucked real good, hard or deep by either your partner, a stranger or your best friend (It happens).
Shantel: Damn Sasha where were you last night you ain't show to my party?

Sasha: Was Gettin Piped Down Last Night

Shantel: Ew Bitch You Nasty (Joking Manner)
by CaliCityLifeNewYorkStateOfMind December 10, 2015
its similar to the saying;
"i'd tap that"

Person 1:Yo i'm about to pipe that.
Person 2:wtf man, thats my sister.

by ohsnapmuffinxo March 26, 2008
"Where is suzy?!"
"She and justin are piping."
by sandra powell May 8, 2005
when a two stroke engine, usually in a motorbike, comes into the power band.
Whoa! Did you see me smoke the back wheel when it came on the pipe?
by foo-monger November 27, 2011
Verb. The act of a male having sexual intercourse with a female. Sex.
by Joe December 1, 2003