Shitting on someone and rubbing it in with your bum.
Cementing on people is fun.
by Paypar January 4, 2015
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When a person who has been cancelled gets cement poured into their ass as a punishment for being cancelled.
Jay got cancelled for racist remarks and now he’s getting cemented.
by SexyCashier69420 July 1, 2020
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The word itself derives from the high quantity of low quality cocaine found in the eastcoast North America in the early 2000's. The granular and low grade texture had customers likening the product to cement. The word also comes from the process of making cocaine itself, in Coloumbia, Bolivia, and the other Cocaine nations, a cement mixer or washing machine is often used to transfer cocaine from leaf to liquid resembling cement. Once the product is exported it is then cut with cement, asprin, baby powder and actual pure cocaine.
"Let's not order off of that crappy dealer anymore"
"Yeah that stuff is like doing cement"
"pure cement"

"dayum, hell no, I've been waiting 4 goddam hours for that ratchet hoe dealer to show up with that cement"
by Romano Gerdt May 28, 2013
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I can't get the center fold to open because its cemented shut.
by Jake and Justin November 10, 2007
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That's conk creat babey!!!!!
Person1: What is my dog sniffing on the sidewalk? Is cement that interesting?

Person2: That's conk creat babey!!!!!
by Conk Creat September 8, 2019
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Noun referring to a pair of footwear inspired by the GOAT himself. Cement refers to the cement inspired color and appearance of parts of the particular shoe. Can be 3's, 4's , 5's etc.
"Fuck I just spilled Tussionex all over my cements."
"Oh dam pour me up some yellow g"
by ravage md September 7, 2017
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max: insert... right here a sausage dog talking about concrete
twomad: he's saying-
max: oi look up here bro whats he saying???
twomad: cement das conk creet baybee
by kirbywest March 15, 2023
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