In baseball, when a pitcher throws a slider that doesn't break and hangs in the trike zone. It becomes an easily hitable pitch.
The reliever threw a cement mixer and the hitter crushed it for a grand slam.
by Granny Smith November 19, 2012
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A foul, disgusting, horrible, drink made of a shot of lime juice and another shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.

You drink the lime juice first and hold it in your mouth. You then shot the Bailey's and swish them together in your mouth as though you were using mouthwash.

Within several seconds your mouth will be full of a rancidly textured ball of goop (the "cement"). As a straight male I can't vouch for it but it must be similar to having a mouthful of cum. Swallowing it is even worse.

They are so gross that the clown who buys you one of these is lucky if you don't gob it back in his face.

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The cement mixer: even more of a painful experience than Tequila slammers or chartreuse.
by Choda Boy 57 August 24, 2006
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A sex move, especially popular in the south, where a girl holds a mouthful of hot grits in her mouth while performing oral sex on a guy.
My girl did the cement mixer on me last night, but she cooked the grits too long and scalded my penis.
by whodoneit March 11, 2010
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an alcoholic drink;
a mixture of lime juice, vodka and bailey's;
when swished inside one's mouth forms a solid texture that is similar to cement mixture;
can i have a cement mixer please?
by Michael Hui November 11, 2005
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rough sex in which the man is pumping the woman so hard, that her head goes through the drywall. Then the man blows his load in her hair and mixes it around. When it dries, its hard like cement.
That kid put his phd into action and gave all three of those sluts cement mixers. Look at their hair!
by John Sucamelli October 12, 2004
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Performing anal sex while the recipient releases diarrhea in a slow, controlled fashion that is timed with each thrust. Traditionally, the partners work together to mix the diarrheal substance into a thick paste, although recipients often allow for the occasional explosion of liquid stool for added flair. Additionally, if the right consistency is attained, the diarrhea acts as a very effective lubricant that is safe for use with most latex condoms. Can easily transition into other maneuvers, such as a Dirty Sanchez or Hot Carl.
I hold off as long as I can, but as soon as that 1st wave of Cement Mixer shit hits my dick, I have to bust in her immediately!
by DigDog June 22, 2006
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A wrestling pin where a persons face is held against the others crotch, making it very embarrassing for the person being pinned. And uncomfortable if you opponent is sweating or has a wrestling boner.
Man. A guy from the other team out me in a cement mixer, he was all sweaty and had a wrestling boner, it sucked.
by Spandexjock September 29, 2013
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