Period of self-reflection whilst on a significant amount psychedelics with a hat over your face.
I've spent my time In the Hat
by inthehat April 29, 2019
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Commonly used by Silent Bob on Wakinglimb forums. Used as a punchline in a poor joke, or totally randomly.
Little Joes a Nottinghill Rent Boy

by Little Joe May 21, 2004
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To make anti-gay comments to hide the fact that you are gay and desire other men and cock.
Dude, check out Zeke. He’s hatting again on those fellas. You know he just wants to follow them to the bathhouse and swallow their wads.

Quit hatting
by Black Salamander December 21, 2018
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to be marked for death or to be contracted for being killed. Most commonly used by bikers or inside prison.
Guy 1: "You know you're on the hat?"
Guy 2: "Punk ass pranksters don't scare me."
by raptor5000 June 23, 2010
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Treasured as sacred relics to Team Fortress 2 players, hats are a form of cosmetic headgear that have no gameplay effects whatsoever. Despite the fact that they're completely inconsequential to the game itself, people seem to do ANYTHING just to get their useless hats, from trading, to Steam game promotions, and even through micro-transactions.
Average TF2 player: Willing to trade 5 flare guns for a Towering Pillar of Hats
by Flash Dude July 27, 2011
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1. n. Best cure for baldness...better than rogaine
2. n.Pr. A man who was unjustly put in prison for the murder of 23 babies. He did it in self defence.
by virus March 31, 2003
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An article of clothing designed for ones head.
"My hat is red."
by MF September 03, 2002
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