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n. A person whose IQ lies between 45 and 59. Slightly stupider than a retard (60-69) but still smarter than an idiot (below 45).
Bush is a moron.
by virus March 31, 2003

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1. n. Best cure for baldness...better than rogaine
2. n.Pr. A man who was unjustly put in prison for the murder of 23 babies. He did it in self defence.
Free Hat!
by virus March 31, 2003

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BSOD, a point in time (almost hourly) where windows finds an error in a patch of memory. "reference error at x0fffffx0ff112" the number jibberish is in hex, like you could find that specific memory point anyway.
I was sitting enjoying my kiddie porn, when suddenly my web page wouldnt load! i clicked furiously on the link, but to my dismay a blue screen popped up and...

(he said no more the awe of the BSOD had him switch to linux immediatly)
by ViRuS September 06, 2003

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a dumb ass girl/guy who thinks she/he is the shit will talk shit about you when you didnt do shit to them they think you are trying to hit on them or be friends to them when in reality you dont really give a damn about them your just conversating and they must make it a point that they feel better then you or thinks your conversation is stupid and has to make it a point to let you know she feels more mature then you. and seem to have a hatred towards the opposite race at the same time.
garfield: hey J grab me a beer!

J:ok! walks to fridge "excuse me" (to random girl)

Random girl: "rollz eyes" pssh whatever!

J: heres your beer bro, did you see that dike yetti?

Garfield: ya fuck that dike yetti ass bitch!
by VIRUS May 21, 2012

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Place where idiots roam to and think they're all that cause they think they have a good system.
Xbox is better when its used as a door stop
by Virus August 04, 2003

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a douche launching american fat ass
there are 378million plastichero's in the USA
by Virus September 06, 2003

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Dee-Devil, you make it obvious that u are one of the whitest white boys ever. If i knew where you lived, i would slap you silly.
You are a lifeless dickhead
by Virus March 20, 2003

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