When Mercury is in Retrograde and you gotta tell your friend you can’t go out.
Friend: hey wanna go grab some drinks?

Me: I can’t sorry - Mercury is in Gatorade I can’t leave the crib.
by Electrojess August 7, 2018
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A superfuel sports drink. Normally consumed during aerobic exercise, Gatorade rehydrates and replenishes your body with carbohydrates, salts, vitamins, and minerals.
Drinking Gatorade helped me snapped the tape at the long endurance run. It sure beats that nasty waster I've been drinking.
by Gearbox July 19, 2005
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A refueling beverage created in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida which it's original intention was to rehydrate, refuel and replenish the Gators Football team by providing them with more nutrients than H2O.
I'm so exhausted from playing football, I need to indulge in the delicious drink known as gatorade. Gators drink Gatorade, Seminoles drink Seminal fluid.
by Cpr363 September 2, 2006
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To stay indoors or in a confined area for hours or even days on end with a sexual partner, never leaving the room for food or water, but to sustain oneself solely off intercourse and the electrolytes one gets from Gatorade.
Chris: Where were you last weekend jake?
Jake: Ahhh dude, Im freakin drained. I've been gatorading for the last 48 hrs.
by J Branks and C Kool February 6, 2010
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Thirstaide, for that deep down body thirst.
I urinate in my gatorade bottles when i finish them. I help the universe.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
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A sports drink created by the Gators football team a long time ago, calling it "Gatorade". It helps you sweat more and gives you the vitamins and energy to continue sports, workouts, marathons, etc etc.
Rawan: what flavor Gatorade you got?
Nawar: I have water, sorry
Rawan: FUCK YOU!!
by Wanni September 15, 2006
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