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Retrograde is a retreating motion.

The word retrograde derives from the Latin words retro, backwards, and gradus, step
"Mercury Mercu-Mercury`s in Mercury`s in retrograde" From the Bloc Party song, Mercury.
by Gingerdwarf August 25, 2008
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- refers to movement occuring in a backward direction

- a person who believes the adversity in their lives is caused by the retrograde motion of planetary bodies, esp. citing Mercury as a scapegoat.
- somebody who believes in New Age bullshit; a hippy
"boohoo, i spilled bongwater all over my vegan Spamwich for the second time today. You guys, is Mercury in like, retrograde... or something?"

"my old lady always has the perfect excuse for causing drama; she's a total retrograde."

"Don't be fooled by her appearance. She may dress like she's homeless, but she's just a retrograde."
by wordherder November 11, 2013
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