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Shes a girl that never stop smiling. Shes one of the most beautiful girl that you will ever see. She has an different beauty from the other and thats why everyone love her. The name is an Arabic Princess. She has all the qualities a princess have. Shes lazy but intelligent. She dress like a queen and have an attitude when its time. You can't mess with her shes not like the others. Love to do thins by fun. She dont compete with others girls cause shes different. All the sexyest boys love her. Shes just so georgeous. She will accomplish big things. She will have an amazing loving life but before that she will have her heart broken many times, its okay shes strong as hell. She can act like a bitch but she is not for sure! Dont mess with her. Shes intouchable. Alot of peope want to be like her. Shes everything someone wish for. She can be lazy but when shes motivate she beat all of you in everything. Alot of people protect her even if shes not close to them
Thats Rawan, don't mess with her.
by A girl February 04, 2015
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She is someone I can trust, she is someone strong, someone at peace with herself, she is better than me. She knows the worst side of me and despite it all loves. She is an amazing person
I love Rawan
by amorty August 07, 2011
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Rawan is a beautiful and intelligent young girl that stops at nothing to get what she wants. She's sexy and mysterious and all the boys are lining up to get a piece of her so if u are the one she wants u are hands down the luckiest boy in the world. Rawan can be a bitch but she has her reasons she has been or will go through some rough times throughout her life. She may hold it all in and tell no one because she doesn't wanna make people think that she isn't perfect, so every once in a while be there for her to ask her if all is well. This girl is rare and although u think she might hate you she dosent because she has the purest heart. But heart will be broken a lot and all she wants is someone that truly loves her for who she is, but no boy has the courage to tell her they love her if u are one of those boys then hold her tight and tell her ur true feelings before it is too late.. trust me
Omg have u seen rawan today cause ooohh la la I think I'm inlove.
by Uuknownn July 02, 2017
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Rawan means the arab princess. rawan is a really kind hearted girl that everyone loves and she is unique and different from others but she still likes to keep up with trends.. she is smart and she knows everything that's happening around her and who is fake and who isn't but she likes to play it dumb because she doesn't like drama, and she likes to keep everything for real for example if she thinks that someone is acting like a bitch to someone she tells them and she doesn't like to talk shit behind people's back specially if they were from her close friends. she never faked her care to anyone. rawan is someone easy to fall for but she is hard to get, she can act like a bitch sometimes but trust me she isn't. she forgives people easily but she might try to avoid them and not text or talk to them.
by iced white mocha :3 October 26, 2019
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"The scent of a flower"
very cool, an absolute dude and just generally lovely.
will make you smile lots as she is 'tyt' and is probably going to be the best biomedical scientist this world has ever seen with her general genius and hatred for maths. soon to be the queen of etiquette. amaaaazing!
by livlivliv May 24, 2008
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One of the Nicest people you will ever meet, She's fun to be around and Always up for a good chat, works hard and achieve everything she works for. She has a very creative mind and loves to Sing. She have a weird fetish for Ginger, like she enjoy making guys drink row Ginger just to see them suffer. She is weird but cool to hangout with.
My Stomach hurts like HELL, Rawan forced us to drink row Ginger just to laugh at us.
by Xaid May 19, 2019
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Plural: Rawando. Rawan is that type of person who gives no fucks, you could ask a rawan to go out for drinks but she’ll denie you, but go behind your back and take someone else. Rawans are very bipolar, you could be having a nice conversation with a Rawan but as soon as you breathe incorrectly in their path they WILL go hulk smash on you. Rawans are very picky when it comes to trusting; Rawans can take you out of their life in heartbeat, which explains their low friend groups.A Rawan is that type of person who comes to you for advice in life, you could give the best fucking advice anyone could ever get, but imagine that conversation 5 times a week they never know when to stop. If you chose to approach a Rawan please do so at caution.
Person 1: everyone keeps talking about this Rawan chic. Who tf is she
Person 2: Stay the fuck away from her, its better if you don’t know
by Dental Floss April 05, 2019
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