You know that development with the big houses behind the mall in exton, its practically an immunity.
by markexton December 19, 2008
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immunization is where you get poked with pointy needles so you don't die.
I got an immunization and it was pointy but im still alive
by pineapplenutts1999 October 22, 2019
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Immunization means you're going to get a needle and it's going to hurt.

Jess: Did you hear about our grade 8 immunizations?
Kate: No!
Jess: They're today!
Kate: Oh no! I hate needles.

Doctor: Daniel?
Daniel: Here.
Doctor: We are ready to give you your immunizations.
Daniel: Okay.
by thisnameisnowtaken September 12, 2013
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1. An mode of communication involving obfuscation of intent affording or attempting an immunity from consequences.
2. A mode of communication adopted by politicians who seek a plausible deniability of something (typically of surreptitious nefarity).
See also: Nefarobacterium: A case study on sub-cultural organisms.
1. One should not mistake those overtures for anything but an immunication of belligerence.
2. My hope for Barack Obama is that his communication skills do not evolve into immunication skills; if they do he may become known as The Great Immunicator.

by George J. Szynal December 28, 2008
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To have a high pain-threshold.
"James is immune to sack-wacks"
by SuperJax September 01, 2007
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unable to be infected by a perticular desiease because you've taken a vaccine against it, it also means, unable to be infulenced by something.
1- redd was very calm and immune to pressure.
2- he looked very immune to emotions.
3- when will we take a vaccine so that we become immune to corona virus.
4- they say she is very immune to rasist jokes, even though she hates racism
by redd murf October 30, 2020
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A bizarre policy which prevents police officers from being held accountable when they violate somebody's rights
A cop pulls somebody over for a broken tail light and ends up shooting them.The cop claims he thought their cell phone or whatever was a gun. the victims family might sue the police department in which case any settlement would be paid with tax dollars but because of qualified immunity the police officer can't be personally sued.
by Just_sayin' May 30, 2021
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