Common saying used when declaring either:
a) One's plans or intentions, as made popular by a recent Black Eyed Peas song by the same name.
b) one's inclusion is the Superfamily Apoidea, a major group within the Hymenoptera Order.
William: Imma be poppin' that bubbly, coolin' and livin' that good life.

Stacey: Imma be up in them A-list flicks
Doin' one-handed flips, and Imma be sippin' on drinks.

Bee: Imma be! (Buzzz, buzzz, buzzz.)
by madelaine99 December 4, 2009
Used in place of "I am going to..." Technically should be spelled i'mma but since this is a shortened version, we leave out the apostrophe!
Ricky said, "Imma get myself a power drink and a snack, and I'll be right back."
by Valerie0214 August 21, 2006
1. Conjunction for "I am going to".

2. "I am going to", minus 30 IQ points.

Synonyms: I will, I'm going to, I'ma, I'mma.
"Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best music videos of all time."
by Brianator37 December 21, 2014
1) A shortened form of "I'm going to"

2) A shortened form of "I am a"
Business Man: Imma make you big, kid!

Plumber: But, Imma plumber!
by Alexander Pritchard January 3, 2008
a nastardization of "i'm going to".

"imma", when used, implies either redneck blood, or an idiot.
by ZE-bear March 25, 2003
Imma is used by Seventee's member Xu Minghao. You use it when you are disapointed or angry to someone. Imma means dude but in a stronger way.
DN: Hyung,, I may have spilled my juice.. It's all on the bed..

Can be also used

"Where the heck is that imma going"
"Hey I called u 3 times already imma, better answer now''
by YOU-STAN-THE8 October 18, 2017
A beautiful girl with a wonderful, unique name, she has her quirks but she is a wonderful girl who anyone would be proud and happy to have as a friend.
Girl 1: Hey did you hear about the new girl
Girl 2: Who Imma?
Girl 1: Yeah! Isn't she so pretty
Girl 2: Yeah!! I hope she will be my friend
by Jasmom June 14, 2018