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Engineering things out of thin air. A conjunction between the words imaginary and engineering. Basically used to describe how people first say that something will be made or done, then actually get down to doing it.
A classic example of imagineering in action is how America is "dealing" with its financial crisis by just making more money without logically thinking about all of the consequences that will follow. Tsk tsk America, you be fuckin up.
by Xero _ Manifest December 23, 2010
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Imagineering is fused from the words Imagination and Engineering.

The first referenced use of the word Imagineering comes from an article dated 2nd May 1947 in the Portsmouth (Ohio) Times. The article describes the work of a top-notch commercial illustrator Arthur C. Radebaugh (1906-1974)

imagineering is what we do when we use our imagination in the non phicisal world to engineer something tangible in the phisical world
by Mike Rumble December 18, 2007
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Bleeding edge development of new and exotic products, often without adequate prototypes or product testing, sometimes with devastating or expensive results. Associated with pushing products to market.
The 1940's Lockheed reverse canard solid fuel flying-wing alpha prototype (the human bottle rocket) was imagineering at its best.
by roadkill July 04, 2005
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