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Ika is usually a girls name, an Ika tends to be shy and awkward at first, but once they open up to you their true personality shines through. An Ika tends to be very caring towards ones close to them such as family, friends and partners. Ika will do anything for them to make sure that they are happy. In relationships an Ika tends to enjoy being in a fun and silly type of relationship. An Ika tends to be extremely insecure of what others will think of them and are also very insecure of their looks, they will typically hide their feelings from others and instead put other peoples problems before their own. If you ever get the chance to meet an Ika be sure to never let them go.
Boy/Girl: “Wow! I wish I had a friend like Ika, she’s so thoughtful!”
Boy/Girl: “I think I’d wanna marry Ika someday!”
by HappyAngelCake June 16, 2018
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One or only; commonly used as a name or nickname for the first or only female child in Indonesia.
Indonesian, pronounced /ee-ka/

In Sweden, Ika is a common abbreviation of the female name Erika, which means ruler, Goddess, powerful.
Pronounced /ee-ka/
Ika is a very kind and friendly girl.
by lovinvibes February 02, 2010
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where you leave your wife and kids
carl left his wife at ika
by elucidon August 26, 2016
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A georgian who knows everything about everything, he is usually about four foot nine and spends most of his time in his basement trying to make wooden brass knuckles. Ika usually has a very small penis, and you probably shouldn't come to close because he will try to trip you.
Tad: Yo, look its an ika
Raul: Yea lets run
Tad: You got it dude
by Chase Orgil November 15, 2011
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two penis's 2.1 inches long rubing aginst each other. Mixing with blood and jizz also known a slide
ika a nice preverted kid that probably moved fromg orgia to ny
by penis expert133 November 15, 2011
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