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people from republic of georgia located between black and caspean sea... They are cool and laid back. Do not confuse them with Russians cause they are not! They have their own very unique culture... they're just awesome in general!
georgia is located in caucasus region... its very beautiful
by tika May 22, 2005
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Someone who resides in the state of georgia, but is too stupid to know that the country of Georgia exist.
Guy#1: That guy is Georgian.
Guy#2: Does he live in Attlanta?
Guy#1: Your retarded.
by Blah_wes March 04, 2009
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A person that is not from Georgia, but actually is from Georgia. Georgians are like Jews in many aspects except the areas related to the team work and money. Georgians just like Jews have long thin noses and darker eyes. However , Western Georgians are totally blond and with blue eyes, they lack any pigmentation. Georgians can be of any looks.In Georgian "mama" means father and "dadah" or "dad" means mother.

The most famous Georgian celebrity was Stalin (uneducated people believe that he was Russian). He was the only Georgian of all time that kept and entire world in fear. He is the one who kicked as of Hitler. Basically he was like Napoleon or Alexander the Great.
Georgian guys prefer Russian ,Ukrainian...or any other Slavik girls. They avoid Georgian girls because the later ones are "less value for effort".
It is believed that Georgian girls invented anal sex as a means of avoiding the loss of virginity. In older times their virginity was very valuable.

It is also believed that sometimes Georgian girls can spontaneously get pregnant just from the presence of the rich guy in her field of view.

Georgian girls prefer foreigners for dating as they are less pain in the ass.

Georgia has (as of 2011) very hot and sexy young female ministers(Of Economic Development and Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance). It has been rumored that president Saakashvili nails them quite frequently.
- Where are you from?

- I am from Georgia and I am Georgian

- Ohh, I have been to Atlanta, are you from there?

- No, I am from Georgia

-You don't sound like you are.

- I am from Georgia

-No way.

- Let's go see the map...
by Joshua123445 July 11, 2011
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A gender neutral term for a member of the best, most all rounded school in the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
They are usually the best to vybz with and you will always find a Georgian in almost every setting you can think of. The best of the male Georgians can string up any gyal from any school in the entire country because Georges man contains all the good of all the other schools but none of the bad because of the exquisite mixed gender environment; which promotes a healthy balance of masculinity and femininity in them as well as the teachings of the crowned Georgian Prince himself: Mr. Sammy.

Usually the girls of the school date solely within the family because only a Georges man can handle a Georges gyal; because they don't put up with no shit from no immature man from no other school.
waaaays that man real cool, he must be a Georgian

That gyal aint taking your shit boy; is cuz she from Georges
by UzywUzy February 13, 2017
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