1. A Concise phrase, where the context of the matter doesn't need to be explained. Usually said to someone out of the loop/ not up to date/ is not aware.

2. Having knowledge or being aware of something especially through personal experience.

3. Street Smarts

4. Being Cognizant
Person 1:

What was that about?
What were they talking about?
Is that true?
How do you know THAT?
Person 2:

Don't worry about it. If you know, you know.
by LinguisticsOfTime March 18, 2020
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The real Creator of If You, You Know is Andrew Portugal
If You Know, You Know is a word that Andrew Portugal created. He says it all the time at school and every where he goes. This funny joke is really funny now every one says it so please help and support Andrew so it does not burn out contact me at If You Know, You know :)
by If You Know, You Know May 27, 2019
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The defining phrase of an inside joke/access to information only a select few know about
You see your mate's laptop screen saver is a naked girl, but her face is covered , you know who it is, but others don't- you post it on your snapchat and put "....'s screensaver, if you know, you know"
by Resting peace August 29, 2015
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A way of agreeing or accepting something said.
Jimbob-"That kid is so salty that you kicked his ass!"
Steveo-"You know, you know..."
by Yeagermeister January 25, 2005
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