please iwc im not in a good headspace right now
by akarii !! May 29, 2022
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Otherwise known as the Internet Wrestling Community. A group of people, who tend to criticize the favorable Pro Wrestling product, and favor the minority Pro Wrestling product such as FIP, or ROH. Tend to have a different look on the ring work. Seem to enjoy Pro Wrestlers with little to no personality that can put on meaningless 50 plus minute matches of 80% Gymnastic spot fests, and 20% actual wrestling that neither tell a story about either wrestler nor showcase the selling of any maneuvers longer than 30 seconds.
The "IWC" is basically a group of Pro Wrestling "Smark" fans that spend the majority of their life in Message boards or Wrestling chat rooms. They usually tend to argue with women and children (extremely pathetic in nature)and pose an arrogant attitude. People of the "IWC" are generally social rejects that tend to fit extremely well with the typical suburban highschool geek or misfit. However the ones that are much older will tend to have facial hair, and appear ungroomed.
by TwentyFour October 20, 2006
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Acronym for "Internet Wrestling Community", mostly used by smug, ignorant, and elitist wrestling fans on the internet as a pejorative against the popular opinion they are dissenting from. However, they fail to realize that if you use the internet to talk about wrestling that, hey, you are a part of the same IWC that you tear down.
Poster #1: The IWC needs to get a clue! They're nothing but sheep!

Poster #2: Hey pendejo, when you diss the IWC, you diss yourself. Get off the internet if you don't like it!
by Mr. RU486 June 8, 2010
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A group of wannabe wrestlers who think they have all the answers, are smarter than Vince McMahon, and want boring wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin to be the world champion.
The IWC would rather watch a 60-minute Shelton Benjamin match than a 3-minute DX promo.
by Robvious July 21, 2006
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